Fortnite Season 5: Find the Risky Reels Treasure Map

Recently, the Fortnite Season 5 has been begun, and the first set of challenges has comes for the players to commence on it. However, this time things are going to work a slightly different. The challenges are crack just into two sections for the Season 5: Free and Battle Pass. And all the former is now made up of three challenges, whereas those who have to purchase the Battle Pass will access to the seven in total including one that will ask you to follow the treasure map which found in the Risky Reels. Here you can also find the complete details about everything.

However, the treasure map hunt is the very trickiest of the bunch. And fortunately only for you, we have done it, and it can also help you by guiding through it. As with last season’s illustration of this challenge, now you can search the Risky Reels to place the treasure map, or you can minimally head to where the treasure actually is only if you know where to go.

And to place the treasure, now top to the tunnel south of the Tomato Town, then scramble on top of the northern access to find out the Battle Pass icon.

For most of the part, the Week 1 challenges for the new season should not be too complicated. And in the free section, it is all about the dealing damage and also taking out a rival by using the weapons which is including the SMG, the Stink Bomb, and also the grenade. And on top of that, you will have to search a Supply Llama which is all fairly a straightforward stuff which has been provided that you have to get the skills only to pay the bills.

On the outside of the treasure map, the Battle Pass section gets a little bit complicated, as you will need to do some investigation. Consecutively to complete these given challenges you will need to start to the Snobby Shores and search out the seven chests which you should be capable of spotting some pretty easily which is provided you only to spend enough time. On the top of that, you are going to search almost seven floating Lightning Bolts and also take down three opponents directly in the Retail Row. The Lightning Bolts can also be collected like a Battle Star, but you will also need to build your way up to them only to get your hands on them.

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