G Suite: How to enable and disable POP and IMAP

To allow a G Suite user to access and use desktop clients such as Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, n POP or IMAP access (Post Office Protocol and Internet Message Access Protocol) of G Suite must be turned on. It can be enabled for every user of the account or some specific organizational users. After setting up POP or IMAP in the Gmail account, Gmail users can also sync their account (ex. Outlook or Thunderbird) with a client.

How to Login into Google Admin console

If you want to manage Google services for a user of an organization, then you need to access Admin console. And to sign in into Admin console, you should have access of an administrator account. Without an Admin account, you can’t access Admin console and hence can’t manage services. Here is how to sign in into Admin console.

1.    Open ‘Google Chrome.’

2.    Visit ‘admin.google.com’.

3.    Click on ‘Add account’ button.

4.    In the Sign In window, enter your admin account (not your @gmail.com address) email address.

5.    Click ‘Next.’

6.    Then enter your admin account password.

7.    Click ‘Sign in.’

How to turn on and off POP and IMAP

1.    Open ‘Google Chrome.’

2.    Go to ‘admin.google.com.’

3.    Sign in with your Google Admin account, if you’re not.

4.    On the Admin console main page, click on ‘Apps.’

5.    Then select ‘G Suite.’

6.    Click ‘Gmail.’

7.    Scroll down on the Gmail page.

8.    And click ‘Advanced settings.’

9.    Go to the ‘Organizations’ section.

10.    Select the organization you want to configure.

11.    Go to ‘POP and IMAP Access.’

12.    Click the box of ‘Disable POP and IMAP access for all users’ to disable and enable it for all users.

•    When the box is checked, POP and IMAP access are completely disabled of all the users of the domain. When it is disabled, members can’t access their emails as well as POP and IMAP settings.

•    When the box is unchecked, POP and IMAP are enable with security standards. However, for the less secure apps IMAP will remain disabled.

To access and use IMAP with less secure programs:

Google blocks the user who tries to sign in with an app or device that doesn’t meet the security standards. If a user wants to use IMAP with these types of apps then, he/she has to turn on IMAP into their Gmail account settings.

How to remove folder size limits for IMAP mail

1.    Go to ‘Gmail.’

2.    Open your Gmail account.

3.    Open ‘Settings’ from the top.

4.    Select ‘Settings’.

5.    Select ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP.’

6.    Check the ‘Do not limit’ box under “Folder Size Limits.’

7.    And click ‘Save Changes.’

To view folders in Gmail:

1.    Go to ‘Gmail.’

2.    Open your Gmail account.

3.    Open ‘Settings’ from the top.

4.    Select ‘Settings’.

5.    Open ‘Labels’ tab.

6.    Click ‘Show in IMAP’ for All Mail.

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