How to find Holiday Trees in Fortnite for 14 days of Challenge

Fortnite players are pretty thrilled with the latest 14 days of Fortnite challenge and are extensively trying to complete the daily events.  The latest challenge in the 14 days of Fortnite is to dance in front of the Christmas tree.

As every day Fortnite introduces new challenge events for players to avail exclusive one-time rewards, for 14 days of Fortnite challenge series. A new event is available for a player, which is to dance in front of nine Christmas trees. 

Although this event is quite simple to complete as there are plenty of Christmas trees to dance in front of. Namely, any location on the map has a Christmas tree nearby so you may not find any difficulty to finish this daily event successfully.

But what you have to consider while performing this event is that you successful dance in front of nine Christmas trees and not the regular one, also make assure to dance in front of nine different trees.

 It is possible that you accidentally dance in front of the same tree twice which would not be counted and you will be unable to complete the task. As compared to the previous events, this task is a lot simpler as the required item in those events were quite limited.

As in the candy cane or goose nest task players were limited with very few locations to complete their task, but Christmas trees are available in every area on the map, it is even possible to stumble upon a Christmas tree at the unnamed locations.

You can very conveniently accomplish the dancing in front of a tree task, but you can even achieve it much more efficiently by using a plane or a shop cart in the match to reach to the different locations and complete the mission quickly.

If you are in search of some exact locations where you can surely find a Christmas tree, you can refer to some of the areas mentioned below.

  1. You can see a tree at “Frosty Flights” between the two hangers.
  2. One of the Christmas trees is situated at the middle of the farmhouse at the “Fatal Fields”.
  3. You can spot a tree at the south-east corner of the “Happy Hamlet”.
  4. One can be seen at the north-west corner of the “Pleasant Park”.
  5. Near the tennis court at the “Lazy Links”.
  6. One is right at the main gate of “Lucky Landing”.
  7. You can find a tree right at the middle of the “Retail Row”.
  8. One of the trees is at the basketball court near “Tilted Tower”.
  9. One of them is situated outside of the dinner at Dusty Divot”.
  10. You can also look for one of the Christmas trees at the “Lonely Lodge”, and look for it outside the titular lodge.

You can refer the list of locations above to accomplish the task with ease easily. As there are more locations in the map where you can find various trees around to dance in front of you can complete this challenge in no time. Hope you have happy gaming and receive the rewards to make your gameplay even more fun.

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