How to Turn on Airplane Mode in iPhone and Apple Watch

It is evident that the passengers are always asked to turn on Airplane Mode in their mobile devices as it could cause communication problem for the pilot flying the airplane. Well, it easy to turn on and off the mode in Smartphone’s, but how to turn it on and off in smart watches like Apple Watch. Mainly talking about Apple products, Airplane Mode is a feature in iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices including Apple Watch which is needed to turn off while in an airplane.

How to Turn on Airplane Mode in iPhone and Apple Watch

Airplane Mode turns off the complete network settings of the device which means you cannot talk on the phone or use the internet on your phone. It turns everything off including Bluetooth and GPS. If you have iPhone and Apple watch but don’t know how to turn on and off the airplane mode, then follow this guide to learn the process.

Let’s check how to turn on and off the airplane mode

  1. In iOS device, Control Center is an ideal way to turn on Airplane Mode.
  2. Go to Settings of your iOS device.
  3. Tap Airplane Mode beneath your name.
  4. Toggle On the button to turn on the mode.
  5. Remember, the button will turn Green when it is on.

When you turn on the mode, a tiny airplane image appears at the top right corner of the screen, and there would be no other cellular connection. It is possible to have WI-FI connection when the mode is on. All you have to do is that enable the Wi-Fi from Settings of your iOS device.

Today, people love to keep Apple Watch which is like a phone strapped to the risk. Since it is also built on iOS, it also has Airplane mode which might be complicated to turn on and off.

Let’s check how to turn on and off Airplane mode in Apple Watch

  1. Swipe up on Watch screen from the bottom.
  2. Now there will be some options including a tiny Airplane image for airplane mode.
  3. Tap on that image to turn on and off the mode.
  4. Well, it is possible to set the Apple Watch on and off the mode automatically.
  5. To do that, open the Apple Watch app in your iOS device.
  6. Tap Airplane Mode inside the General
  7. Select Mirror iPhone to turn on.

Airplane mode is undoubtedly necessary for the device as it keeps us away from the disturbance. But it is primarily designed to reduce the communication obstructions in an airplane, the mode lets users switch off the network connections, but the device remains on.

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