SecureSet Academy Acquired Hacked To Scale Up Training

Today, the SecureSet Academy announced that the acquisition of HackEd, one of the providers of hands-on cybersecurity training for the technical professionals, and a deal which will advance the SecureSet’s development of immersive cybersecurity education programs which will be held in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

According to the CyberSeek, the metro Washington area has a very highest concentration of the unmet cybersecurity talent in all over the country, with more than 43,200 unfilled cybersecurity jobs. Bret Fund, the CEO, and founder of SecureSet said in press release that there are many more individuals who are looking for the right path to rewarding in the cybersecurity career. These type of the partnership with HackEd is one of the perfect complement to some existing programs which will bring more opportunities for the immersive cybersecurity education to a source of technical professionals.

Understand How to better Incorporate Security into their Curriculum?

To understand how to incorporate security into their curriculums better has been the biggest challenge for many of the boot camps. As they change to a new campus under the direction of the Jon Ferris, founder of HackEd, and the two organizations will continue to serve the increasing need for the cybersecurity professionals in the region.

Ferris said that HackEd had always had a similar philosophy to SecureSet when it came to delivering the immersive education. By joining these forces, they have enhanced ability to deliver the high-quality education to a broader range of companies and individuals who are looking to intensify their cybersecurity skills in the Washington, D.C., and beyond.

In the year 2016, HackEd aimed to build a very strong cybersecurity community that brings the kind of hands-on-keyboard training often lacking in the cybersecurity industry and the Washington metro area particularly. The result has been a set of students, instructors, employers, enthusiasts, applicants, alumni and job applicants are coming together over the past 18 months with the most common aim of solving the issue of the cyber-talent shortage.

However, the HackEd has already made some great strides with its eight-week program which focused on the infiltration testing and also with the network defense. Moreover, the HackEd has already provided students chance to connect with the local showcase and employers what they learned from them, and also better positioning participants to find the employment while serving the needs of the employers who are struggling to find some highly qualified candidates.

Now, the SecureSet has had more than the 250 students to go through with their programs with a standard placement rate which is above 90% within the months of graduation.

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