Phisher Fished for 10 Years

A British national who was phishing for data has been sentenced for 10 years. Grant West, aged 26, was found guilty of cyber-crime and drug offense. He was found to be guilty of phishing attacks aimed at major brands like Sainsbury’s, Just Eat, Argos, and Ladbrokes. West is said to have been the mastermind behind Read more about Phisher Fished for 10 Years[…]

Top Mobile Security Threats for 2018

Smartphones are one of the best inventions of the present century. However, there has been a substantial increase in mobile device security threats. Here are top mobile device threats: Data Leakage Mobile applications are the leading cause of unintended data leak. As reported by eSecurity Planet, Riskware applications are a huge problem for mobile phone Read more about Top Mobile Security Threats for 2018[…]

Internet of Evil Things Survey Reports a Rise in Cyber Attacks

As per the 2018 Internet of the Evil Things survey report, conducted by Pwnie Express, the acts of cyber attacks and data breaches are on an alarming rise. This survey polled over 500 security professionals in its fourth successive year. The study found the collective answers of the surveyed people to be the scariest survey Read more about Internet of Evil Things Survey Reports a Rise in Cyber Attacks[…]

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Android Device?

Android phones are becoming the most important part of everyone’s life. And it’s the responsibility of the user to protect your phone from different attacks and infections such as viruses, malware infection, adware,  trojan, phishing and many more. To protect your Android device, you need to install antivirus on your Android phone. For installation of Read more about How to Install Norton Antivirus on Android Device?[…]