Upcoming Major Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

After the 2017 amazing gaming year; now you have to speculate how the 2018 will evaluates about the games. Finally, the wait is over if 2018 is the recent schedule of releases is anything to go by, we are in another fantastic year in which top new games are released this week. It looks like keys to impress with a swerve of passionately anticipated new games for the fans. These releases are on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Nintendo Switch is getting docks of the standard ports which shoots them up Ikaruga and another the animal adventure game the Legend of Kay Anniversary. That is not the only re-releases happening either, the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition also releases this week, along with the jam-packed Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. For the horror fans, the dark and twisted Agony is also launched in the middle of the week. Now you need to wait desperately in the middle of the week.


If you have never tried or played this popular shoot ‘em up games, then here’s the elevator pitch is available: in this you can change division, easily shifting your ship’s color among black and white, and take up bullets of the same color or different color according to your choice. It looks very simple, but things get much difficult when the display gets crowded with the opponent shooting.

Legends of Kay Anniversary

It’s not the only older game which makes its way to toggle this week. The game Legend of Kay Anniversary will give you the original and a fresh coat of paint, including the advanced resolution textures and better quality models. The game might have a new gaze, but it will always remain the same, from the decade ago seems like a beloved mix of martial arts, platforming, and puzzle solving.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition

The Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is developing its PS4, and Switch debut, such as to celebrate some new festivals. Further, that, it’s the similar growing mix of tried and true mix, and by building up the new town, and raising a family.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

This game consists of 12 titles, including the straddling from the real Street Fighter towards the Alpha series, Museum and the Music Player for the reflective crowd. Now, for ranked matches, you can acquire a good chunk of the games online. Those who are playing on the Switch, then they can even set up the local eight-player tournaments.


The wait is going to over now, for playing the game you will need to acquire other lost characters, and it includes little minor demons. And you will also have to hide and run from the tougher, bigger demons and solve the puzzles if you wish to create it rear to the land of the living.

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